City Bike

“I really like your bike.”

I was at a red light before the Williamsburg Bridge on my way home from work when a handsome couple on Citibikes pulled up next to me. The woman looked a few years older than I am, though I’m terrible at guessing ages since I’ve felt 25 for the past 4 years. Her boyfriend checked his phone next to her. I paused my podcast and turned my head:

“Thanks, I really like your bike, too.”

Now her boyfriend looked up and quietly studied me. The woman laughed and then put on a sarcastic voice:

“Uh, thanks, but it’s not mine. I borrowed it from a friend.”

The cars slowed down to our left. I turned on my podcast, and as I put my right foot on the pedal, I put on my most amiable smile and voice and said:

“New York City is not your friend.”

I meant it to be kinda funny but I’m probably an asshole though.