Breakfast and "Bed"

This is an event that happened many days ago but I had recently rethought about it and came to a startling conclusion:

Many days ago, as I had said before, I and a few others were prepared a delicious brunch by my friend Ellena. After the brunch, after we said goodbyes, Ellena and I learned that we would be taking the train in the same direction, and so we did.

At my stop, I turned to Ellena, said goodbye, and walked towards the door. Deciding I should thank her again, I loudly said, "oh and thanks for breakfast!" and I walked out.

However, what I've recently realized is that what I did was very inappropriate. While Ellena and I had brunch with several people, the people on the train were not aware of that. In fact, I even said "breakfast" instead of "brunch," which would lead many people on the train to believe that Ellena and I had relations, followed by her serving me breakfast. 

"What a catch!" they concluded.

While Ellena is a catch, it's inappropriate to say things like, "thanks for breakfast" or "Don't worry, I'll get you a new mattress" to somebody in public because that may lead to salacious rumors and scarlet letters. I imagine that a gross man sitting across from her said, "I'd love for you to cook me breakfast, sweetheart!" as she shed a tear and hugged a teddy bear.

And so, I apologize Ellena - I promise I will choose my words more carefully in public settings.