My Comedian Friends in LA

The following sentences were pulled verbatim from a recent email I received: 

"As a fellow lover of all things comedy, I love the videos you’re making and the connection you have with your subscribers. My comedian friends and I here in LA have been huge fans of yours for some time and can’t get enough of the energy and freshness that you inject into every video you put out."

Obviously, this isn’t a real email. Oh, at first I was flattered, but then I re-read it and realized there wasn’t a single unique phrase in the entire thing about me or my channel - just a smartly written copy-and-pasted email that would have made 21 year old me sign away his life.

(I’d like to thank all the scams I’ve fallen for and horrible experiences I’ve had in comedy the past 10 years for preparing me for this day.)

However, I’ve been laughing at the phrase, “comedian friends in LA” for days. It’s the most perfectly vague thing to say to an amateur comedian, and I hope to one day write a line with half as much inspiration.

My comedian friends in LA would love it.