Gas with Benefits

Years ago when I owned a car in NYC, I drove to Staten Island to visit a friend. This was when gas prices were reaching record highs, and I believe it was $4 a gallon at the time.

As I drove to his house using my printed out MapQuest directions, I spotted a gas station sign on the next block offering extremely low prices. 

"$1.89 a gallon?! Hell yeah," I said as I made my way over.

I started wondering how Staten Island could offer such low prices compared to the rest of NYC, since we all pay the same taxes, when I pulled up to a completely boarded up Mobil station. My heart sunk, until I read something somebody had spray painted on one of the boards.

"And a $5 blowjob too!"

I sighed and drove away.

Gas for $1.89 and blowjobs for $5, how did this place ever go out of business?