Hairy Man

When I was a kid, I mostly loved the X-Men cartoon. I say mostly because I hated that Morph died (in like the third episode) and I lost interest around the time Jean Grey became Phoenix and it got complicated and weird.

But what I remember most was an episode where people turn against mutants. I don’t remember specifically what happened but normal people hit the streets looking to beat up mutants.

I thought this was crazy, considering they were about to get frozen or blown away or whatever, but they did find one. He was a homeless man with hair all over his body, and when they grabbed him, he went, “I’m a mutant but my only power is that I’m hairy!”

Everything about that scene was so crazy that my brain nearly collapsed on itself.

Firstly, this mob, without weapons, is upset that mutants are dangerous. So what do they do? They go out and try to beat one up?! Can you imagine if they ran into the Juggernaut? He’d murder 500 of them with one jog.

Then I thought about this poor hairy guy. He’s just hairy! Does that make him a mutant? And he’s homeless. Come on, guys.

Anyway, I just remembered that this morning and I thought I’d write about it.