...to a Hero

A large man with a cane got on the train yesterday morning in a particularly foul mood. 

"Where are the trains today?!" he asked. "I gotta be wet AND wait for this damn train?!"

And it was true, the express was 13 minutes away and so everybody piled into the local. Unfortunately that meant a crowded train.

"Oh God, only one train for everybody!" he yelled again.

I could see everybody was a little perturbed by the man, especially as he made his way to the center of the car to get to a seat. The passengers quietly got out of his way. However, as he tried to sit, he slipped and fell onto his seat.

"How are people supposed to sit down?! There’s no bar and I’m breaking my damn ass here!"

I could see several people glancing over to see who was this man yelling out loud. But he just closed his eyes. 

That is until a woman started belting the first few notes of a gospel song.

Everybody’s eyes went from the man to the woman a few yards away. It was one of those NY moments where everybody in unison drops their shoulders, shakes their heads, and mouths, “now what?” But after a few lines of her song, the large man spoke up:


The woman stopped singing and angrily looked over at the man, but he stared her down. She then just walked through the doors into the next train car. He again closed his eyes as everybody now gave him an appreciative smile.

That man was a hero.