You Must Be Drunk

I was at a party in Brooklyn about 6 years ago when a girl approached me and started chatting me up. We chatted for like 20 minutes, and I politely walked away to get a drink.

While at the "drinks" area, my roommate-at-the-time walked up to me intoxicated and said, "heyyy, you and that girl, huh? She's cute."

"Are you drunk?" I answered.

The girl's friend, some asshole, overheard me and gave me a dirty look. I then realized that it sounded like I meant only a drunk person would be dumb enough to think that me and that girl would hook up!! I didn't - I sincerely just wanted to know if my roommate was drunk! But the damage was done, and he walked over to her to relay what a dick I am.

I was so upset that I wanted to leave. Luckily, the host of the party chose that exact moment to turn off the lights and force everyone at the party to dance to the entire Michael Jackson Thriller album. 

I honestly still feel really guilty about it, though.