It Starts With A B!

My ladyfriend and I stood quietly on line, waiting to board our 8 am bus to Boston. Next to us was a half empty bus. A slightly angry couple walked up to the line.

"We were here first!" they announced.

Nobody on the line said anything. The bus company representatives were busy looking at a paper while talking into a walkie talkie, so the couple walked to the front of the line.

"We were here first, but we didn't see the line!"

The man looked into the bus and walked on, followed by his woman. A few minutes later, the door closed, and the bus drove away. Again, the passengers on line remained silent.

"Ok, folks, just follow us and we'll get you to your Boston bus around the corner," announced the bus representative.

I'm not sure how the couple missed us getting on line, and I'm not sure where they thought their rudeness was going to get them, but I know where it did get them.