Blown Cover Blown

A few weeks ago, there was a rally outside my job. Because I work for the city, people are allowed to have rallies and stuff in and around my building. 

A man of the people, I decided to watch the rally and listen in. The speaker started ranting against the "police state." My building's security guards were standing around the rally watching, and he started pointing them out.

"Look at all these security guards! 9, 10, 11 guards all around us watching every move!"

The crowd was sorta not into the whole thing. They half-heartedly glanced around at the security guards but gave no real reaction. It almost felt like they agreed that security should be there. At that point, the speaker then pointed at me, standing a few yards behind the crowd and the only person in a suit, and he called me out:

"And look, we have an undercover detective with us! Hello detective! There are so many murders for you to investigate but you have time to watch this rally?"

My mouth was agape. The crowd of about 50 people now looked at me, but most of them just smiled. I was a little embarrassed. However, I could not have been more excited to pretend to be an undercover homicide detective. I continued staring unflinchingly, but now crossed my arms, which I believe is how indignant NYPD detectives stand. It was as if I was trying to say, "yeah, you got me, but whatever buddy." 

I walked away a few minutes later, but as I did, I pulled out my cell phone and pretended to text Mayor Bloomberg.