A Horrible Product for a Terrible Culture

I was on Facebook today when I happened upon something called a Zenbooth. It's a small booth you can put in your office to give your workers privacy. The ad claimed that open office plans have destroyed productivity, and adding this small box that can fit one person at a time will help. 

Now I personally am not a fan of the open office plan, or any office plan at all, but I never would have imagined standing in a box so co-workers can watch me, but not hear me, scream at my ex-wife. The Zenbooth shown in the ad is not even its basic version.

That's right. What we were looking at was the deluxe $19,000 version, and at that price you may as well just drive a Toyota Camry into your office. Meanwhile the basic version is just a large cabinet.

Upon closer inspection, I found a striking detail.

NO VENTILATION! Better make it a quick phone call.