The Optics Era is Over

Donald Trump’s major beef has always been optics. I remember very clearly when he gave a policy speech on the children of undocumented immigrants, he was freely calling them “anchor babies.” A reporter then asked him to stop using that pejorative term, to which he just answered, “oh you want me to be PC. We don’t have time for PC folks.”

By the way, I am the child of undocumented immigrants, and I am one of the finest people you’ll ever meet.

Optics are exhausting to the “anti-PC” crowd, “oh I have to think about how EVERYBODY feels?” They want simplicity, “like the old days.”

They’re not racist - they claim - they just don’t have the energy to care about theory.

It’d be one thing if this were just on the right. But over the course of the past year I noticed something:

The left is exhausted too.

Never mind how freely and cowardly people disparage or ignore the poor. I once got incensed when a multi-millionaire said, “I can still put food on my plate” - an insulting and depraved way to describe having 200 million dollars.

Nobody really thinks about the poor and Republicans are about to bull-in-china-shop their money and their food. Fuck them.

No, I’m talking about powerful people on the left just not giving a shit. Charlamagne claiming black and latina women don’t work as hard as Tomi Lahren. Lena Dunham’s comments about Odell Beckham. An all-white male panel on diversity and women in Hollywood, which by the way, happened YESTERDAY.

People are stunned, but believe me, under President Man of the Year, it’ll only get worse.

Whenever my friends and I talk about racism in Hollywood, I tell them that in the 1950s the most popular TV show in America starred a Cuban-American man who could barely speak English and his white wife. That would NEVER happen today. Why do I think that? Well take a look at this:


By the way, I have offered Amy a sketch starring me where she falls in love with a mechanic as an olive branch to the latino community through my manager, Mort McGovern. Still waiting, Amy!

Now honestly, I don't really give that much a fuck about this. This is probably what she believes about straight latino men and while I am again the finest man you'll meet, I don't know how women feel about this. But it was definitely a moment in my life where I thought, "damn."

We’ll probably see more of that in the Trump era. People are tired. The goals of the left are unclear, if we have any. But I think optics is done. In fact, that was Hillary Clinton’s final campaign commercial: a minute of Trump’s horrible rhetoric.

And we lost.

And I would agree with all defenses of every "un-PC, punching down" statement made by someone on the left: people make mistakes, there’s some truth there, they were tired, it was off the cuff, they actually care, and so on and so forth.

Just remember the big orange man who defended himself the same way.