Praising Moms for "Working Hard" is an Indictment On Our Culture

While listening to Louis CK on Conan the other day, he said that one of the reasons he is voting for Hillary is that she is a mom, and moms get things done. Fathers, on the other hand, can only provide 40% of a child's needs.

Now, I am also voting for Hillary, and it's because women's reproductive rights and gay rights are a non-starter for me. Either you are going to put in Supreme Court justices to protect them, or I can't listen to your tax plan that saves me $20.

So, I'm glad Louis is advocating voting for Hillary. However, I hear these phrases a lot. "Moms know better." "Moms are tireless." "Mars needs moms."

And it's revolting. 

Moms are...human beings. Thus, they deserve the rights and respect offered to all other human beings. However, we actually shit on moms all day. No paid maternity leave. Very few worker's rights. Expensive childcare. The pink tax. I could go on and on. Are most of the mothers I meet wise? Yes. But they're wise in the sense that people who get fucked over their whole lives have to develop extra skills to survive.

It's not something we should celebrate - it's an indictment on our culture.

In the same sense, there is a thread out there that men are bungling buffoons. It's only the plot of every sitcom. And this too is an indictment. Are we really a culture that thinks it's fun when men don't know how hard women work in the home? Or don't understand how to rear a child? That just seems to me like a gross absence of responsibility and yet it is played out over and over again. 

This is also not an indictment on Louis CK, who is a comedian. Artists should be able to do whatever the fuck they want, honestly. However, his routine on Hillary, filled with the benevolent sexism of the liberal left, exposes cracks in our society that I wish weren't there.